Sustainable Agriculture in Sunderbans

Agriculture in India is in deep crisis today. Chemical heavy agriculture is harmful to the health of farmers, consumers and the ecology and is economically unviable for small farmers.

We work with three grassroots group in Sunderbans BTS, Mukti, BKSWS

AID works with small and marginal farmers as well as landless families across India on

  • Strengthening skills and knowledge base on sustainable agriculture
  • Control of seeds by farming communities
  • Making farming a remunerative livelihood

Organic Farming in Sunderbans started post Cyclone Aila with Baikunthur Tharun Sangha and Mukti promoting organic sustainable agriculture techniques to reclaim irrable, salinated land spreading to over 10000 farmers in the past 4 years in West Bengal.

Starting with 25 farmers in 2009 today over 20,000 farmers have taken up sustainable agriculture

  • Farmers become trainers and train others
  • Vermicompost is a very popular bio-input
  • A small group performs street theaters to raise awareness about the ill effects of chemical agriculture


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