Strengthening Dalit Women voices against Caste Discrimination & Untouchability

Project: Strengthening Dalit Women’s voices against Caste Discrimination & Untouchability

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Grassroots Partner: Social Development Foundation

Project Description:

Strengthening Dalit Women’s voices against caste discrimination and untouchability.Women particularly Dalit women face isolation everywhere. Most of them either are agrarian labor or engaged in manual scavenging. In the past few years with the new schemes of the government, MNREGA has provided them some action but yet not fully implemented.

Dalit women remain isolated in the movement, in the field and in the power structure. Hence this particular project envisages the lead role for Dalit women in the work in the few pocket areas that we wish to focus in the beginning but the activities will not be confined to Dalit alone as particularly spreading awareness about discrimination is not a matter of Dalits and for Dalits but for all.

For years the issue of gender and caste discrimination was sought to be focused through legal and international mechanism without really engaging the community and particularly its youths. It is important to understand that Indian live a dual life and unless social attributes as well as attitudes are not challenged and changed mere constitutional legalities will not help. In fact constitutional positions are should be complimentary to the forces of change but today they are being used by the forces of status quo. Hence it is important for not only focus on legislation but attempt should be made to make people aware of this.



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