Right To Information

Project: Awareness generation and facilitation of Right to Information Act and National Rural Employment Guarantee act

Location: Rajasthan, India

Grassroots Partner: Manthan

Project Description:

RTI Manthan is a group of activists working in close ties with Mazdoor Kisaan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS)  on  Right  to  Information  (RTI),  National  Rural  Employment  Guarantee  Act  (NREGA) campaigns, electoral reforms among other issues. They focus primarily on spreading awareness of RTI/NREGA acts in various districts of Rajasthan. Towards this end, they organize a number of information kiosks on RTI awareness, they run a RTI helpline to provide immediate training and support on this act to members of the community, and conduct numerous surveys to assess the implementation  and  impact  of  this  act  in  the  community.  Apart  from  these  activities,  an important aspect of their work is to organize social audits and public hearings in these districts, which  have  been  extremely  important  in  addressing  numerous  issues  of  corruption  and accountability in government bureaucracy. In the last few years, RTI Manch has also conducted election watches in which they collect and circulate data from candidates' affidavits on wealth, education, criminal records and past performance.


  • Spreading awareness about RTI and NREGA acts
  • Monitoring implementation of RTI act
  • Ensuring social audits and public hearings

Manthan also addresses issues relating to:

  • Women's empowerment 
  • Strengthening community infrastructure (Health care, education and water facilities) 
  • Improving community engagement with Panchayati Raj
  • Conservation and management of local resources


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