Girls Education Project (GEP) by TRU

TRU buys umbrellas and school bags for the GEP girls

Project:  Girls Education Project (GEP)
Location: Shivrajpur (Punchmahal district), Gujarat, India
Grassroots Partner: Trust for Reaching the Unreached (TRU)
Project Description:
The Girl’s Education Program (GEP) named Abhinav Kanya Shiksha Karyakaram was set up to provide residential facilities for girls from classes 9 to 12. 
● The residential facilities are located within the Trust for Reaching the Unreached 
(TRU) Health centre in Shivrajpur, adjacent to the government aided high school  
that the girls attend.
● The need for this facility primarily arose due to the distance from the girls’ homes,  which are embedded in the forest and remote areas with little to no means of transport. Access to the school becomes limited due to the monsoon, winter and distance problems. They travel through forests, ravines or fields every day to reach the school and such a journey is not without its inherent safety concerns.  
● Beyond these practical concerns, girls also have to struggle with traditional beliefs where the people are hesitant to send girls to higher education centers.  All of these factors limit the girls’ access to education.
● To deal with these geographical and societal discrimination against girls’  education, TRU started this program to provide residential facilities and show  that, given the right environment, girls can perform as well as or better than boys.
This program provides a safe and conducive atmosphere for learning to girls from marginalized communities.
● All of the extra­curricular activities and practical necessities (which are taken for  
granted in most cases) to ease the stress and enable effective education (i.e.  Tuition, ackpacks, uniforms, umbrellas) have helped in reducing absenteeism.
● The parents are also more motivated to bring the girls back on time for the  semester.
● The girls from GEP program have represented their school in the inter­school  competition arranged by the state government and have won several awards. AID volunteers recently visited the project and spent time with the girls. Their video can be viewed here:


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